Jan 26-28, 2015
Tsukuba, JAPAN

Call for Papers

Annual Meeting on Advanced Computing System and Infrastructure: ACSI2015

[Important Dates]

Paper Registration Date:17:00 JST October 10, 2014 (Extended)
Paper Submission Date:17:00 JST October 17, 2014 (Extended)
Paper Submission Date:23:59 JST October 19, 2014 (Re-Extended)
ACSI2015 author notification: December 3, 2014
ACSI2015 Poster paper submission due: 17:00 JST December 19, 2014
ACSI2015 Poster paper submission due: 17:00 JST January 7, 2015 (Extended)
ACSI2015 author notification for posters: January 13, 2015


ACSI is an annual meeting held by four IPSJ research groups, ARC, HPC, OS and PRO. ACSI aims to be a forum in which people can discuss recent advances and future directions of computing technologies from various viewpoints. It has broad interests in systems, infrastructures, and key components that advance computing systems. ACSI welcome papers describing novel cutting-edge technologies and/or case studies useful to others.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to
  • Computational science applications
  • Numerical algorithms and libraries
  • Large scale data analysis
  • High performance computing environments (supercomputers, clusters, and clouds)
  • Programming languages and libraries
  • Operating systems
  • High performance networking
  • Computer architecture
  • [Publications]

    The ACSI does not publish any proceedings. The papers accepted for ACSI are not opened to the public. The copy of the accepted paper is distributed only to attendees of the ACSI2015, which means that the ACSI is a closed meeting for the attendees.

    [Regular papers]

    [Award for regular papers]

    ACSI2015 program committee selects at most one "Outstanding Research Award" in each track (ACSI2015 has three tracks). Moreover, ACSI2015 gives "Outstanding Student Research Award" for the best paper written by a student. To be qualified the student award, the first author should be a student and she/he must present the work in the meeting.

    Above two awards are mainly selected from the view point of quality of the research, its practicality and potential. Additionally, the presentation quality is taken into account for the evaluation of the paper.

    [IPSJ Transactions on ACS: Special issue on ACSI]

    There is a special issue on ACSI in the ACS transactions, which will be announced about three weeks after the notification of ACSI review results. ACSI program committee cooperates with ACS editors to aim quicker review response than the regular issue of ACS. Please note, however, that the special issue is judged according to the criterion of ACS transactions, which is not identical to that for ACSI.

    [Poster papers]

    There will be a call for posters after the notification of regular papers. Submissions will be opened in December. Poster paper must be a one or two page paper written in English. IEEE conference style should be used. ACSI solicits especially the early-stage or problem-raising works for the poster presentation and provides a place to discuss them with attendees.

    ACSI program committee gives an award for excellent poster presentations.


    The paper should be submitted through EasyChair. The opening of the submission site will be announced in ACSI2015 web page ( in September.

    When the authors submit the paper to ACSI2015, they should choose one of the following three tracks that most closely match your work.

  • Track A: Applications and algorithms (chair: Daisuke Takahashi)
    Computational science, simulations, high performance computing, numerical algorithm and libraries, auto tuning, large-scale data processing algorithms, power-saving algorithms, algorithmic fault tolerance
  • Track B: Programming and systems software (chair: Kento Aida)
    Operating systems, programming language design and implementation, virtualization technology, data intensive computing systems (MapReduce, KVS), file systems, databases, cloud computing, cyber-physical systems, grid computing, security, communication libraries, wide area networking, large scale system management and evaluation
  • Track C: System architecture (chair: Kenji Kise)
    Processor architecture, memory architecture, network architecture, heterogeneous architecture (GPU, many cores), reconfigurable systems, embedded systems, application-specific architecture, dependable systems, low power design
  • [Organization]

    General ChairBOKU Taisuke(University of Tsukuba)
    General Vice-ChairYASUGI Masahiro(Kyushu Institute of Technology)
    Program ChairIWASHITA Takeshi(Hokkaido University)
    Program Vice-Chair(full papers)SHIMADA Hajime(Nagoya University)
    Program Vice-Chair(posters)IKEGAMI Tsutomu(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))
    Program Vice-Chair(ACS relations)KOIBUCHI Michihiro(National Institute of Informatics (NII))
    Tutorial ChairHANAWA Toshihiro(the University of Tokyo)
    Local Arrangement ChairTAKANO Ryousei(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))
    Financial ChairYOKOYAMA Daisaku(the University of Tokyo)
    Publicity ChairKODAMA Yuetsu(University of Tsukuba)
    Industry Liaison ChairIKEGAMI Tsutomu(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))
    General Affairs ChairTADANO Hiroto(University of Tsukuba)


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    Copyright 2014, ACSI 2015 Organizing Committee

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