Jan 26-28, 2015
Tsukuba, JAPAN

About ACSI

ACSI is an annual meeting held by four IPSJ research groups, ARC, HPC, OS and PRO. ACSI aims to be a forum in which people can discuss recent advances and future directions of computing technologies from various viewpoints. It has broad interests in systems, infrastructures, and key components that advance computing systems. ACSI welcome papers describing novel cutting-edge technologies and/or case studies useful to others.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to
  • Computational science applications
  • Numerical algorithms and libraries
  • Large scale data analysis
  • High performance computing environments (supercomputers, clusters, and clouds)
  • Programming languages and libraries
  • Operating systems
  • High performance networking
  • Computer architecture
  • Overview ACSI2015

    Annual Meeting on Advanced Computing System and Infrastructure (ACSI) 2015

    Date: January 26-28, 2015
    Venue: International Congress Center EPOCHAL TSUKUABA

    What's New

    2014.5.20 Open this page.
    2014.6.19 Update Important Dates.
    2014.8.7 Add Call for Papers.
    2014.8.29 Add Paper Submission.
    2014.12.15 Add Advance Program.

    Important Dates

    Paper Registration Date:17:00 JST October 10, 2014 (Extended)
    Paper Submission Date:17:00 JST October 17, 2014 (Extended)
    Paper Submission Date:23:59 JST October 19, 2014 (Re-Extended)
    ACSI2015 author notification: December 3, 2014
    ACSI2015 Poster paper submission due: 17:00 JST December 19, 2014
    ACSI2015 Poster paper submission due: 17:00 JST January 7, 2015 (Extended)
    ACSI2015 author notification for posters: January 13, 2015



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